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For each object class, the schema defines which attributes an instance of the class must have, which additional attributes it can have, and which other object classes can be its parent object class. 1. schema [ the ~ ] noun. I went line by line translating from English to Spanish-all the while making sure the rhyme scheme worked out and it actually made sense. J'ai traduit phrase par phrase de l'anglais à l'espagnol, tout en m'assurant que les rimes fonctionnent et que tout ça ait un sens.

Schema english to french

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schema - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. property schema translation in English-French dictionary. en The methodology of the present invention comprises steps of retrieving a plurality of data from a plurality of heterogeneous data sources (802); pre-defining set of semantic rules (804); forwarding predefined semantic rules into Rules Based Data Connection Engine to link schema-to-schema, property-to-property and schema-to property Context sentences for "schéma" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

TräningstidER Höst  Expressens ägare · Expressens ledning · Expressens historia · Information in Arabic · Information in English · Information in French · Information in German  As my main subject, I have studied English language and literature, with French langauge and literature and pedagogy as minor subjects. I am a qualified  Schéma cinématique des mécanismes (French) Paperback – May 5, 1998.

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the schema. – The set of definitions for the universe of objects that can be stored in a directory. For each object class, the schema defines which attributes an instance of the class must have, which additional attributes it can have, and which other object classes can be its parent object class. 1.

Schema english to french

schema sth. - Engelsk översättning - Linguee

Schema english to french

(=diagramme) diagram. (fig) (=représentation mentale) outline. Translation French - English Collins Dictionary. See also: schématique, schématiser, schématisation, schématiquement.

Schema english to french

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Schema english to french

French Le schéma est agencé en fonction des grands domaines dont il vient d'être question.

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schema - translation from Swedish to English with examples

Beskrivning, lång: 2erKombi  samt motsvarigheter på tyska, engelska och franska = Glossary of brewery terms : with definitions in Swedish and equivalents in German, English and French. Contextual translation of "kraftsamla meaning" into English. Human translations with examples: all, todos, events, folder, contacts, journals, new schema. Swedish translation of production schedule – English-Swedish dictionary and Schedule Schemalägg Schedule.

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Prior to its use in psychology, the term "schema" had primarily seen use in philosophy.For instance, "schemata" (especially "transcendental schemata") are crucial to the architectonic system devised by Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason.Early developments of the idea in psychology emerged with the Schemas are generally stored in a data dictionary.

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the  India has issued two new notifications providing further detail on the scope of e-invoicing and the JSON schema. Meet the requirements with  5225 Each one teach one - French 2021.

(i.e., enfant and its plural form enfants sound the same). Review the consonants list below to find out which sounds are actually silent in spoken French. In this section, we’ll review some important differences between English and French consonants. schema translate: esquema. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Portuguese Dictionary.